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Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm EST
have -- weed is the name. fan fastic name. it's like tom wolf. perfectly portrays hawaii, you know, nature. he's the fine -- mid 19th merge has to offer he has essentially financial resources in the darings when table could involve cash as well as anything else you imagine. that doesn't happen. of course not. enormous advantages. he's been to many conventions. he dominated most. he goes there in fact sue ward was not the republican nominee in 1856 they told him there was no way we were winning. you don't want to be the leader of losing cost. let's wait four years and we'll win. he read the politics right. lincoln's campaign manager david davis just to put this speft davis has never been to a republican national convention. you have the veteran the bested in the business against a guy who has never been to a convention. davis went in and the one advantage that he doesn't know about he knows lincoln is going to be player. he know it's the midwest and it's a hometown. he knows that chase is going have the ohio delegateds the delegates from ohio support chase on the floor of the conven
Dec 1, 2012 10:00pm EST
to going to hawaii with my brother in february. i will get a lot of use out of it. my old luggage was in the basement and it got wet and i needed to get rid of it. i have been looking and i turned on the tv and there it was. >>guest: it was guided. you do not even know until get this home how much you are getting. how much you can put itin it. you saw the commuter garment bag the roll-up beauty case is in here. let me find the red one. >>host: you will be traveling in style ester. >>guest: you can even put your jewelry in this. >>caller: i am so excited. >>guest: by the way 10 years warranty. 6 c13 and, earned the good housekeeping seal. i want to show you because it looks so rich, one gosh, beautiful. not here to touch and feel it we are trying to get you to know how glamorous yet lightweight endurable at the same time. >>caller: can i see the inside of one? >>guest: let me open the brown. you really did just to an end and said i had to have it. >>caller: right. i ordered it right away. >>guest: --2 in. i want you to see this because itnce. you can use it as a mobile dr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2